Ardoise / Hillsvale / Greenhill History Project

The purpose of the History Project is to collect memories about our Ardoise community. Memories of the businesses that once existed here, the community groups, the schools, and the events. To this end, the Ardoise Community Centre has received a small grant to capture in book and on DVD, what life was like in our community way back when. Our intention is to create an overview of life in the area from 1900 onwards. To succeed, we need the help of community members to donate their time and stories. If you have photographs, minutes of community group meetings, old newspaper clippings, or any other memorabilia, then we would love to make a copy of those. Please note: we are only looking to scan or photograph your information – we won't keep your treasures!

Here's how you can help:

When beginning a project of this nature, one often hears the words, β€œIt's too bad this didn't happen twenty years ago when so and so was still here to tell you about...” But, twenty years ago, I remember hearing those exact words in another community when they started a similar project. We can only begin where we are. Our meetings are at the Ardoise Community Hall and are advertised on the sign and this website. Anyone who is interested is welcome to attend. But please don't wait until then to call.

For more information, please call Susan Wright at (902) 757-2900.

Our next scheduled meeting is: TBA