Ardoise Community Citizens On Patrol (COP)

The Ardoise Citizens on Patrol group was formed in 2002 at the request of the Board of the Ardoise Community Recreation Centre. The founding volunteers met in September to begin training and conducted their first patrols in November, 2002.

The Citizens on Patrol group is composed of volunteers in the community who have received training in observation and record-keeping from RCMP members. The Ardoise Patrol is trained and connected with the Windsor Rural RCMP Detachment. The RCMP Community Policing Officer is the contact with the Patrol.

Each COP member must submit an application to the RCMP, which includes a criminal records check; have a valid vehicle operator's permit; and undertake a training program. Upon completion of the training program, members conduct random road patrols in their community. There are always two members in the vehicle, with one driving while the other observes and takes notes. The COP members report any observed criminal activities or other incidents of concern, to the RCMP Communications Centre by cellular telephone. COP members do not replace the activities of the RCMP or other emergency services. They donate the use of their own private vehicles and fuel as well as approximately 2 hours of their time two or more times per month.

Volunteers have been recruited through word-of-mouth at the Ardoise Community hall, newspaper and community newsletter articles, and at community fairs and RCMP sponsored activities. The members who have stayed with the group since its inception are very community-minded individuals, usually couples, who see the need to try to prevent break-ins and vandalism in their own and adjacent communities. They have recognized that the RCMP require the assistance of community members to reduce criminal activity in the Ardoise patrol area. This area includes, Ardoise, Greenhill, Hillsvale, Woodville, Ashdale and South Rawdon in West Hants.

Residents interested in joining the Citizens on Patrol should contact the RCMP Community Policing Officer at (902) 798-2207.